Ip address blocking

Drupal allows you to ban certain IP addresses.  If you have a hacker, annoying users, or a bot that you want to ban from your site, you can use the IP address blocking functionality.  

This is on the configuration page.

This functionality is located in the people sub group on the configuration page (admin/config).  This section allows you enter in an ip and block that address.  

This example shows a 10 dot address that is being blocked.

Once an ip address is blocked, they can not access the site.  When they try to access the site, a message is display informing them that they can't.    To undo the ban, click the delete key.

This functionality is not widely used but it is widely discussed.  There are several points that you might want to consider before using this functionality

  • Apache might be able to do the job better.
  • Even though banned, Drupal code is still be executed, so if you are getting hammered, this might not help.
  • There are multiple modules out there to deal with difficult users.