Certified Drupal Site Builder Exam

I recently took the plunge into the pool of Drupal certification and took Aquia's Certified Drupal Site Builder Exam.

When you take the test, you have the option of using a webcam and installing their software or taking it in a physical testing location.  Since I live in a metropolitan area, I opted for the physical presence test, plus I am old school.  The test cost $155 (USD) either way.

The test is multiple choice.  If I recall correctly, there are five choices per question.  Some questions require multiple selections.  While taking the test, you come across a question that you are not sure about.  You can mark that question for later review.

You are allotted 75 minutes to take the test, and there are 50 questions.  This is more than enough time to answer all the questions, review your answers, and review them again.  There is a small, yet intimidating count down clock to remind you of the time.

After completing the test, you will not know if you passed or not.  Your results will be emailed to you.  This might be different for the online test.

You need to study all the basics of Drupal site building.

  • What is a block?
  • How can blocks be created?
  • Downloading and installing themes
  • Adding user fields
  • Roles
  • Permissions
  • How to find a module
  • Difference between uninstalling and disabling a module
  • Image styles
  • Everything under regional settings
  • The never used aggregator module
  • Feeds with the never used aggregator module
  • Aggregation in views
  • Update.php
  • Relationships in views
  • Switching taxonomies in a content type
  • Sharing fields in multiple content types
  • Taxonomy and auto complete fields
  • How to ask a question on drupal.org
  • How to post a bug
  • Views


The test also includes scenario questions where you have to select the correct choice of action.

Overall, the test is fair and balanced.  Aquia's certification is pretty good, and I am glad that I took the time to prepare fot the test.  In my preparation, I learned allot about Drupal, that I thought I knew.

If you have developed in Drupal and created a couple sites, you have accumulated most the knowledge to take this test.  I would still highly recommend going through everything.  Create a site and use that site to prepare for the test.



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