Image Style - Effects

There are six effects that you can apply to an image style.

Before you work on apply an effect, you check out what is an image style to get a firm understanding of image styles.

The effects are:

  • Crop
  • Desaturate
  • Resize
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Scale and crop

Crop is simple.  It is the removal of portions of your photo.  Cropping involves you specifying an anchor point in your image and deciding the pixels around that anchor point that you want to save.

The anchor is six points in your image.

The advantage that Drupal provides you is the preview after you save an effect.  You can get a rough idea of the result, but make sure to test, test, and test

Desaturate is a big and fancy term for turning your picture to black / white.  There are no options for this effect.  Its a yes / no or black / white decision.

Resize resizes.  Its simple.  Unlike crop which removes portions of your image, resize preserves your image.  There are two criteria in pixels:  width and height.  If one is blank, Drupal gets mad.  It wants both.  Since the system is forcing width and height on a image that it can not control, this may results in stretchyness.

When resizing an image, be mind full of dimensions.

Rotate is rotating.  You can rotate the image through the full 360 spectrum.  The image starts at zero which is its native state.  If you enter in a whole number, it will rotate counter clockwise and a negative number is a clockwise rotation.

Since you are rotating, there will be blank or negative space in the image.  If you want to fill that empty rotated space, you can select a background color.

If you want to rotate, just for the hell of rotating, check the randomize check box and see what happens.

if you check randomize, the rotation angle is moot, but still required.

Scale works like resize, but with one significant difference.  Scale allows you to preserve your aspect ration.  If only one axis is entered, Drupal will automagically resize the image.  With Scaling you can also increase the size of an image.

Scaling is much better than cropping.

Scale and crop is a combination of crop and scale (obviously).  The criteria for the scale and crop is easy to understand, thus not widely used.  We, here at, tried to figure this one out.  It led to a vivid discussion.  Good luck!

Scale and crop is for administrators that like a challenge.

In addition to creating an effect, you can order the effects.  Just click the 4 pronged arrow and reorder the effects.  The order in which effects are processed will drastically alter the way the image renders.

The yellow indicates change.  Click the update style button to save your new order