Image Styles and Image Fields

You can add a style to an image in your content type by applying an image style to it.

Before you begin this wonderous image journey, you should have a firm understanding of image styles and image effects.

Assuming that understand image styles and their effects, you can apply that knowledge to creating a more robust image field in your content type.  The first step is to add an image field to your content type or alter an existing content type's image field..

Iin this example, we are creating an new field.  We will go through all the tabs, and enter in the criteria.

After creating or navigating to an existing image field on a content type, you will wan to click the manage display tab for that field.  Within the manage display, you will see a gear box next to your image field.  Click the gear box.

The blue arrow points to the manage display tab.  The red arrow points to the gear box icon. The green arrow points to the image field and a typo.

Click the gear box.  Within the highlighted blue row, you will see two additional settings: image style and link image to.

This blue area will appear after clicking the gear icon.

The image style drop down will show all the image styles available.  You do not see one that fits, you can create your own

Select your style and determine how you want the image linked.
There are three choices for Link image to:

  • Content - This will cause the image in the content to be a clickable link to the content.  You click the image, you go to the content.  It seems redundant.
  • File - The image will appear in the content as a link.  The link will be a link to the image.  If you click the image in the content, it will open that image in the browser.  Be advised!  Drupal will open that image without any style applied!
  • Nothing - Nothing.  No link.  Just an image being an image.

 Once you make your selection, click the update button to update the image style and click the save button at the bottom of the page.