Menu - Linking Content

Linking a piece of content to a menu is easy.

First navigate to the menu functionality at admin > structure > menu.

Select the menu that you want to add a link to and click add link in th operations column.

The red arrow points to the the add link link.

On the link adding page you have certain criteria to input

Menu link title - This is the verbiage that is displayed on the menu.
Path - This is the path to the content. This can be internal to your site our external. If internal just put in the URL.  If external, put the full http path.
Description - This is the text that displays when a mouse hovers over it.
Enable - You can "unpublish" a menu link.
Parent link - You link must be associated with a parent link.  If you need to, you can create a new menu.
Weight - This is just a means to order the links in the menu.  The larger number the lower the link.

This example is a real use for this site.  This creates the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Clicking save, will save your menu link entry and return you to admin page for you menu.  The four pointed cross in front of each menu link, allows you to manually move the links around without using the weight.  Just click the cross, hold the click and manually move it up or down.  If you have a menu with depth, you can set the depth by giving it a movement to the right.

When you move a link, it will highlight in yellow.  You must click the save configuration button to save this!