Permissons and Roles

Drupal uses roles and their permissions to determine who can do what in Drupal.

To create a role, navigate to: admin/people/permissions/roles.

This will list all the roles and give you the option to add a role.

From here you can add a role, edit a role, and edit permissions.

To add a role, enter the name of the role in the text box and click the add role.  You new role will be confirmed with a green confirmation box.  This will create a new roll.  This role is an empty role and will have no permissions assigned to it.

The edit role link allows your edit your role.  You can change the name of the role or delete the role.

The edit permissions link is the bulk of functionality in the roles / permissions sphere.  When you click this link you will be taken to the permissions page, and given the ability to assign permissions.

This is the permissions page.  All the permissions are listed.

On the permissions page, all the permissions are listed and it can be a very long page.  To assign a permission to a role, check the box next to the permission.  Once you have selected the appropriate permissions, click the save permissions button at the bottom of the page.