Search - Throttle and settings

You can alter your throttling configuration and your index settings to maximize your search.

The search engine configuration is located at admin > configuration > Search and Metadata.

In this subgroup you will see search settings.

Click the search settings link on the configuration page.

Clicking the Search settings takes you to the search settings page.  From this page you can see the following:

  • Index status
  • Indexing throttle
  • Indexing settings
  • Active search modules
  • Content ranking

Indexing throttle contains a drop down with the values: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500.  These represent the number of items that will be indexed when the cron is run.

If you make a change, remember to save your new configuration.

When the search is run, via cron, Drupal will idex your site in batches.  The batch size, which is the number of nodes it will process is determined by what you select for index throttling.  Be advised, the default for index throttling is usually the best.  If you alter this number, test it.  A low number with an infrequent cron will result in inaccurate search results.  A high index throttling selection and a frequent cron might result in site performance issues.

Indexing settings has two configuration options.  The first option, minimum word length to index, determines the minimum word length.  This is useful to determine if a word is worth indexing.  With the default setting of three, Drupal assumes small words are not worth including in the search index.  Words like, the, at, we, us, will be excluded.

Minimum word length is defaulted to three.

If your site uses a lot of acronyms like: MVP, PHD, IT, or DNA, you might want to lower the three limit.  The default setting of three will not pick up these terms in your search results.

Now for the oddest setting in Drupal, Simple CJK handling.  We at the Learnthebluedrop, have never, ever, unclicked this box.  If your site uses Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, keep this checked.  If not, you can uncheck it, but it is best to leave this checked.  

了解蓝降 is Chinese for Learnthebluedrop!  We think.

If you make changes to these settings, we would recommend testing your changes.