Views - Query Settings

Query settings in views is the catch all for all the odd settings that views has.

Of the odd settings there are six:

  • Disable SQL rewriting
  • Distinct
  • Use Slave Server
  • Query Comment
  • Query Tags

In your view, click the advance field in the right column and query settings will be located under the Other sub group.


Views - Format

Views in Drupal have six distinct variations.  The format dictates the display behavior of your view.

Here is a quick run down with examples of the types of formats.  Each format is discussed in greater depth below. 

Views - No Results

The no results behavior is for when your view does not return any results.

It is perfectly normal and acceptable for your view to have a situation, especially with filters, where no results are returned. To deal with a no results situation, views has a no results behavior.

To add a no results behavior, navigate to your view and click advanced.

Views - Cache - Advanced

There are two ways to deal with views and the cache.  You can configure it for all the views or configure it per view.

To configure it for all views use the advanced settings.

If you want to configure caching for all Drupal views, this can be accomplished on the views listing page. On your views page, admin/structure/views, click the settings button.