Blocks and Regions

The placement of blocks is defined by your theme, and to see the how they will display, Drupal has a nice utility.

If you are having issues visualizing your blocks and how they display on the region go to your blocks page at: admin/structure/block

Near the top of the blocks page, there is a link to demonstrate block regions (THEME).  Click that link.

Adsense and being an administrator

Adsense is great, and Google does a great job with their reporting.  If you want to make sure your Adsense is accurate, you need to tweak your site.

Since you are an administrator, you spend a lot of time on your site, and Adsense is serving you ads.  To eliminate any chance of a false ad impression, configure your site to not serve ads to the administrator.

In our previous posting on adding Adsense to your Drupal site, we demonstrated how to add Adsense via a block.

Blocks - Administering

To administer a block in Drupal is to decide where it will be displayed, goto admin/structure/block to administer a block.  From here you can see all the blocks available to you.  The block's configuration are divided into three columns (Block, Region, Operations).


In Drupal, blocks are contained areas of content or functionality that can be placed in various regions on the page.  Drupal comes with many blocks already created.  Modules that you might download also contain blocks and blocks can be created by you.