Text Formats

Textformats allow you to decide how user input is filtered.
Why would you want to create a new text format?  There are several reasons.  One real life example is if you want to add an Adsense ad to your site and you need a custom text format with zero formatting.

First, visit the text formats authoring section under Content Authoring at admin > config or admin/config.

Text formats are accessible via the configuration.

Click the Add text format link.

The link has a plus button in front of it.  Plus means add.

When adding a new format, you need a unique name and machine name.  You need to decide what role will have access to the filter.  A list of available filter can be selected.  If you select more than one filter, good luck.  Multi filter processing can be a mind numbing adventure.  If you do select more than one, Drupal will prompt you on what order you want the processing to take place.

The four pronged arrows allow you change the order of the filter processing.

If the filter that you selected, has settings, you will be able to adjust those settings in the Filter settings at the bottom of the page.

The filter, Limit allowed HTML tags, has settings for the tags allowed.  Be advised, not all filters have settings.

With your text format selections made, click the Save configuration button at the bottom of the page.

This example is real code.  For this site, we need a text format with no formatting for a block that housed the Adsense code.

Upon saving the text format, you will be greeted by the standard green confirmation box.  Your text format is ready for use.