Views - Cache - Advanced

There are two ways to deal with views and the cache.  You can configure it for all the views or configure it per view.

To configure it for all views use the advanced settings.

If you want to configure caching for all Drupal views, this can be accomplished on the views listing page. On your views page, admin/structure/views, click the settings button.

This is located in the upper right hand corner

Now click the Advance button.

Click the Advanced button to get to more views cache options.

From here a check box allows you to disable views data caching for all views.  If you select this check box, you must click the save configuration button at the bottom of the page.  There is also a button that will clear the views cache.  This clears the cache for all the views.

Disabling the caching here disables it for all views.

Check out configuring configuring cache for a single view.