Views - No Results

The no results behavior is for when your view does not return any results.

It is perfectly normal and acceptable for your view to have a situation, especially with filters, where no results are returned. To deal with a no results situation, views has a no results behavior.

To add a no results behavior, navigate to your view and click advanced.

The add button will add a no results behavior.

Clicking the add button for no results takes you to the add behaviors overlay.

Your overlay might be different, just slightly.

Although there are several options for no results behavior, several really do not apply.

No results behaviors, that really do nothing.

  • Global: Messages - On a simple Drupal site this does nothing for a no results behavior
  • Global: Result summary - This can give you a summary of your view like the start and end records and the number of items per page.  If your view is returning nothing, these provide nothing.
  • Global: Result summary with additional token to change the items/page - Save as result summary but with an additional token, which provides little benefit to an empty view.

There are no results behavior that do something!

  • Global: Text area - This is a free form text area that allows to put in a nice message if the view returns nothing.  Text formats can be applied.
  • Global: Unfiltered text - This is similar to the global text area but with no hindrance from a text format. Its a free for all, and anything goes.
  • Global: View area - If your view returns nothing, you can display another view in its place.  This can be great, but be advised, nested views can quickly escalate to a problem.