Webform - 3 - Configuring webform components

With your basic webform built, it is now time to install components to the webform.  Components are pieces of the webform that you would like displayed and functional.  In this example, we are building a contact us page, so we would need information like name, email address, and comment.

This is a new and empty webform

Lets add a box to capture the name of the person submitting the request. Create a label and a type of textfield.  We probably want to make the name required also.  When you have all the information entered in, click the add button.

This is the name box for a webform.

After clicking add, you will be taken to a screen to edit the component that you created.  There are many many options on this page.  For the simplicity of creating a contact us page, we can ignore most of these, just click Save component at the bottom of the screen.

Drupal likes to call the save button something different on each page.

Lets add another component to our contact us page.  Lets add an email field.  To do this, enter in the criteria of the form component.  For label, enter in Email Address. For type select email and check the required box.

This will create a field on a webform to enter in an email address.

Click the add button to add the email address field.  This will take us to the form component page.  For simplicity sake of this example, click the Save component button at the bottom.

Save that component!

Next, lets create a comment field so the user can enter in something nasty about your website.  Since the user will probably saying horrible things, they will need a lot of space. To accommodate this, select a type of Textarea.

A textarea is big and spacious, perfect for a comment.

Click the add button for that component.   On the edit component page for the textarea, click Save Component.

Like before, save the component.

Next:  Configure your email.