Webform - 5 - Viewing your webform results

Your webform is created, and you can access and see it via the url.  In this example, we named it:  contact us, you can see it by going to <YourWebsiteAddress>/contactus.

If you are logged in you will see four tabs: view, edit, webform, results.

  • View - View your webform.
  • Edit - Takes you to the first screen, from here you can alter the basics of your webform.
  • Webform - This shows the customizable components (fields) of your webform.
  • Results - This lists all your submissions

The results tab lists all the results that have been submitted.  Not only does Drupal email you when new contact us pages are submitted, Drupal shows you the past submits!  Its fancy.  Thanks Drupal.

You can do can get really creative with the options here, from downloading, viewing the submissions as a table, and clearing out all the old submissions.

Drupal Webforms Example
Webforms customization is great!  In all my years of developing, I have never analysised a webform.

The primary button for webform is view.  You can see what your user has submitted.  The view will give you all additional information about the submission like time and ip address.

Drupal Webforms Example
This is a comment from the 1980s.

Besides viewing the comment via the view tab, you can alter the past by clicking the edit tab and altering the submission.  If you dont want to view or edit your comment, you can delete it.